After the Harvest Fest 2016

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In Polish-American Center on Sunday, September 18th, 2016 we celebrated Harvest with a amazing decorations and fabulous dinner. The festivities begin with prayer, after which father Marian Piekarczyk blessed all the present, as well as the great food presented on the few tables. The big variety of delicious food included: brisket, ribs, staffed cabbage, pork and mushrooms roll-ups, baked potatoes, barley and vegetable salad, green salads, fruits, cheese and crackers, as well as the homemade cheesecake, carrot cake and the fresh brewed coffee.

We had many attractions for kids, such as the face painting, balloon toys made per kids order, caricatures, and the fooz-ball table.

Elizabeth and Lucyna brought their guitars and initiated group singing of old polish camp songs.

Below are some pictures for you to join us in thought!

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